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NAMI Middlesex Logo


NAMI-Middlesex was incorporated in 1979 as Concerned Citizens for Chronic Psychiatric Adults. In June 2002 the name was changed to NAMI-Middlesex to reflect the bonds with the national organization, National Association of Mental Illness, and the changes in our primary functions which include working with children and adolescents.



    Shares experiences

    Provides mutual support

    Explores coping techniques

    Shows compassion and understanding

    Provides education including informative guest speakers

    Promotes working with other mental health services

    Serves on committees and boards of community organizations

    Advocates for legislation to improve services

    Advocates for increased funding for research on mental illnesses

NAMI-Middlesex discusses and advocates for:


    Family roles in helping people who have mental illness

    Legal assistance and humane police involvement

    Treatment and recovery

   Financial assistance (including Social Security Disability Insurance      SSI, Federal, State, Local Programs)

    Housing aid

    Basic questions about insurance

    Better hospital care

    Respite care

Our regular events are either free or as low cost as possible!  Please feel welcome!  Bring family or friends!

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