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Spring Frolic Acts

NAMI-Middlesex (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is having our soon-to-be annual Spring Frolic Variety Show and Art Night in May (or June). We will have a dark comedy musical, a one-woman show, two poets, and potentially you. We are looking for another two acts and one male for the musical. For the acts, we are open to comedy, music, or another small play (if you can cast it) with a mental health theme. There will be a small stipend for participants.

The musical is as follows:

When Auggie sics her dog on the mayor's mistress, she's put into the psych ward. Confronted with blow up mannequins, a dancing doll, a human bug, and a failed academic, she plots her escape. But really, is it so bad there, behind padded walls? The actor is content living his life dancing with his blow up doll/lover..

We plan to stage the night in Highland Park. We are also looking for sponsors and donations. We can use hors d'oeuvres and drinks, borrowed use of microphones and speakers for the acts, borrowed use of a video camera (hopefully, with a cameraman - we have a tripod). We will have art for sale and are looking for artists to donate or who would give us a portion of the sales.

We also need volunteers to help plan and (wo)man the event. If anyone is interested, please contact Sarah Dubinsky at or 856-981-2732.

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