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Audition for Spring Frolic, March 17, 6:30 to 8:30, Highland Park

NAMI‐Middlesex (Natonal Alliance on Mental Illness) Is having a Fundraiser Variety Show on May 2nd

We Need One More Member For Our Musical Pharmacopeia. MUSICAL When Auggie sics her dog on the mayor's mistress, she's put into the psych ward. Confronted with blow up mannequins, a dancing doll, a human bug, and a failed academic, she plots her escape. But really, is it so bad there, behind padded walls?

CAST MEMBER Justin Jazz Justin Jazz – He found true love in a blowup doll called Monique Plastique. His friends and family have not been supportive of this relationship and he was involuntarily committed. He brought Monique with him and is prepared to dance during his stay. Any age.

AUDITION March 17, 2020 6:30‐8:30PM

WHERE Reformed Church of Highland Park, Bo􀆩om Floor Cave 19 S. 2nd Avenue, Highland Park, NJ 08904

PAY $50 Stipend Rehearsals (Starting April 7) Tuesdays 6 to 8pm (Reformed Church); Thursdays 6 to 8pm (Piscataway); Tech Rehearsal, May 1, 6 to 8 Show May 2nd CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION Sarah, 856‐981‐2732,

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